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Cannabis is ready for its moment in the sun

Insurance and risk management for an emerging industry from experts in the field.
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Emergent Risk Featured In Canna Cribs

Dear trailblazers, investors, growers, and visionaries:

We are Emergent, an insurance brokerage offering policies and risk management tailored to the cannabis industry. Our deep insurance expertise provides our clients with the peace of mind and financial insulation they need to achieve their goals.

Where strategy meets service and rubber meets the road

We’ll level with you: pricing for cannabis-related insurance policies isn’t going to be that different from different brokers. In fact, for the same coverage, you’ll almost always pay the same price no matter who transacts your insurance. But with Emergent, you also get the benefit of radically personal risk management. We provide our clients with a thorough understanding of their unique risks and work with them to develop strategies to address and mitigate them.

In short: superior service and brainpower for the same price as the other guys.

We’ve been around the insurance block, so to speak

With more than 100 years of combined experience, we know our way around the insurance business. In our San Francisco office, you’ll find seasoned industry experts who embrace new technologies, and whose vast knowledge is energized by their entrepreneurial spirits.

We’re part of something bigger

Cannabis is more than an industry—it’s a movement, led by determined activists and true pioneers. It is thanks to their tireless efforts that cannabis is now becoming available to all. We respect the history of this movement because we believe in the power of the plant to do good—and we can’t wait to see what you contribute.

Why yes, we cover cannabis confectioners

The Cannabis Business is made up of a wonderfully eclectic group of people and businesses, from growers to retailers to investors, from bakers to dispensary owners to doctors, and from landlords to distributors to craft tincture apothecaries.

And we work to find the best ways of protecting all of you.

From start-ups to heavy-hitters, we’ve got you

From scrappy start-ups to beloved community dispensaries to large-scale businesses with ambitions to match, we’re ready to partner with your team. We understand the unique challenges businesses face in every stage of the journey, and have service solutions for every scale.